Monday August 3

Out of the Ordinary?
Plenty of sunshine due for the first half of August.  The second half is charting out of the ordinary, really?
Pleasant-to-rather warm for the first 3 days this week.  Sometime on Thu, a weak cold front may drape over the NW of our region, ushering in clouds and the possibility for a few showers.  Areas south of Portland and the east side may only get a few morning clouds.  The coming weekend is looking dry & quite mild in the temperature dept.  Onshore flow should be well established, tapping summer highs down a step below average.  We’ll see, as models have been bouncing around with the weekend weather outlook.  The week of Aug 10-14 will be WARM, with temperatures ramping back up to seasonal.  Still dry.  
Now the interesting period.  Various model solutions for Aug 15-21 have been charting   Sip.  What has caught our attention is the upper-level wind pattern charting for that time frame — it takes on a fall-like hue.  Were that to verify, the second half of August would turn cool & DAMP, esp for NW OR and western WA (yes, BC Patrons, too).  Cold flow from over the Chukchi Sea may pool over the Gulf of Alaska, setting up several cold fronts - with periods of precipitation - for the northern 1/2 of the PNW.  Of course, this could end up simply being virtual spilt coffee, meaning nothing unusual takes place and classic summer warmth & dry conditions continue through the 3rd week of August.  Another, ‘we’ll see’.
“No other human occupation opens so wide a field for the profitable and agreeable combination of labor with cultivated thought as agriculture.”
-Abraham Lincoln while in Milwaukee, 1859
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