Monday September 28


Summer-like pattern will dominate this week.  Java time.
A large high pressure ridge is firmly positioned over the western United States, resulting in plenty of summer-like weather for several days.  Winds from the NE will continue to challenge CA fire fighting efforts, but they will die down in a day or two.  Similar for wind in the PNW.  Temperatures will range in the 70s-low 80s in most locations.  The dry pattern is likely to hold through the coming weekend.  
The rain we expected early next week is now delayed by the models.  It could arrive Thu Oct 8 or be held back by the high pressure ridge until Sunday Oct 11 or so.  Either way, pleasant weather conditions, as forecast, will reign long enough for the fall crop harvests to be completed.  For now, we’ll report that measurable rainfall should return before the middle of October.  
Topical Tropical:  interesting charting of a tropical system moving into the Gulf of Mexico next week that will have hurricane potential.  We script ‘interesting’ because the storm may literally ‘wander around’ in the Gulf for a few days — no consistent directional steering winds — so it could head toward TX, then shift toward FL, or just the opposite.  Yeah, yeah, we know - why bring it up?  Because we can.  hehehe
Third Cup:  Patrons in northern WA - esp east of the Cascades - are encouraged to take a look at the northern sky tonight to get a chance-to-glance at the Aurora Borealis (the northern lights).  Powerful solar winds last weekend will create that potential.  Also, for the next several nights (esp Oct 6), Mars will be one of the brightest starlike objects in the night sky - east sky after sunset; west sky at dawn (yes, reddish hew) - because it will be closer to Earth than it will for another 15 years.
“Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.”
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