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Outlook Newsletter (download current & past issues)


Comprehensive grower's guide from planting through harvest.  Covers site assessment, design considerations, training systems, planting and crop management.  Contributors are professionals in the Oregon viticulture industry.

Agrian Label Search - look up labels, SDS and OMRI certificates for most pesticides.

Oregon Department of Agriculture - Pesticide License Renewal & Recertification

Calibrating & Using Backpack Sprayers

Wood Trellis Posts -  Treatment Processes Compared
An overview of which treatment processes work best on which types of woods.

Fruit Ripening
Covers raising brix and dry extract with organic and conventional formulations.  Blueberry version also available.

Soil & Tissue Sampling
Reviews how to properly take and review test results.

OVS Adjuvants
Profiles OVS' own brand of popular adjuvants.

Liquid Lime/Gypsum Custom Applications
Overview of the calcium benefits to soil health through liquid lime.

Cover Crop Seed
Overview of cover crop planting practices and OVS' custom blends, grown and bagged in Oregon.

Vineyard & Orchard Trellis Planting Chart
Easy to follow wire and stake tables to calculate row and vine spacing and more.

New Planting Guidelines:  Good Sites & Grape Varieties
How to determine whether or not you have a good site for wine grapes and what kind you should plant.

New Planting Guidelines:  Production Time
How long does it take to bring a vineyard into production in Oregon?

New Planting Guidelines:  Grapevine Gro-Out Protocol
1st, 2nd & 3rd year plantings.   

Measurement & Conversion Guide
Handy reference for accurate fluid and dry product measurements.


Oregon State University

Pacific Northwest Management Handbooks (Plant Diseases, Weeds, Insects)

OSU Extension Service Catalogs


Chemeketa Community College Agricultual Sciences

Class Schedule


Vineyard Development and Management Companies

(Willamette Valley (WV) & Rogue Valley (RV)

Company NamePhoneEmail AddressArea
Advanced Vineyard Systems503-434-9766angel@advancedvineyards.comWV
Andy Humphrey503-793-8488cosmicstewardship@gmail.comWV
Applegate Vineyard Management541-531-6235hquady@yahoo.comRV
Atlas Vineyard Management503-437-3548sstetser@atlasvm.comWV
Dai Crisp541-929-6257pkanddai@mac.comWV
Vitis Terra Vineyard Services541-829-1194jessica@vitisterra.comWV
Mountaintop Vineyard Services503-475-9144simonburr.mtvs@gmail.comWV
Northwest Vineyard Service503-835-2070rbailey@nwvineyardservice.comWV
New Gen Vineyard Services  


Sixto Lopez


Stirling Wine Grapes503-538-2048stirling@stirlingwinegrapesinc.comWV
Results Partners503-883-4060info@resultspartners.comWV & RV
Vines to Wines Services503-550-2502george@oregonvineyard.comWV


Berry & Hazelnut Development & Labor Services
Precision Bloom Services541-974-4867scott.k@precision-bloom.netWV & RV


Irrigation Design & Installation
Precision Bloom Services541-974-4867scott.k@precision-bloom.netWV & RV
Ridgway Supply & Cascade Water Systems 503-435-1515paul@ridgwaysupply.comWV
Stettler Supply Company503-302-7545paulw@stettlersupply.comWV


Livestock and Game Fence Installation
Results Partners503-883-4060info@resultspartners.comWV & RV
DLS Construction503-851-9989disgc@comcast.netWV & RV
Northfield Fence503-469-4980WV


Plant Nurseries
Advanced Vineyard Systems 
 Fall Creek Nursery800-538-3001jonu@fallcreeknursery.comWV
Hazelnut Trees
 Golden Tree,