Air-O-Fan GB-34R - Orchard Sprayer

The Air-O-Fan "Reverse Fan" GB-34R orchard sprayers out-perform, out-last, and out-sell other similar sprayers in its class. Other manufacturers have tried to duplicate our technologies without success. The GB-34R model line is designed to help growers with a smaller tractor get big performance out of their sprayer.  The "Reverse Fan" models reduce the amount of leaves, dirt, debris, and chemical that normally plug the fan housing guard  by pulling in fresh air ahead of the air discharge throat. Being that you are traveling in a forward motion and the turbulent air coming from the sprayer will not allow debris knocked from the tree (during the spraying process) to be pulled back into the suction inlet for the fan. Fan life in sandy soil far exceeds conventional fan housings and serviceability is made easier with larger guards and inspection covers, also controllable air and direct coverage reduces drift and saves time and chemicals. This is all made possible with our patented air vane technology, giving our growers superior coverage by allowing them to target the air & spray to their tree canopy.  The GB-34R "Reverse Fan" orchard sprayers combine performance and simplicity, and can be used in both concentrate and dilute applications. The "Reverse Fan" models are available with a complete list of options to better fit your spraying practices, these option can be found on the specific product pages under "options".