Fertilizer Blending Facility

On-Site Fertilizer Blending Facility

In 2008 OVS opened a new state-of-art, on-site fertilizer blending facility at our McMinnville location, allowing us to more effectively work with farmers to improve crop performance, use less fertilizer, and still achieve great results.

We can provide the proper nutrition for all of your cropping needs, and with the assistance of our experienced crop consultants, can offer you the most efficient nutrition program.

Our blending facility is equipped with a 3 million BTU water heater which gives us the capability of blending a wide variety of products including Macro and Micro Nutrients that cannot be done with cold mixing. The facility is capable of storing over 170,000 gallons of bulk raw materials. We can then take these bulk materials and blend them to your specific needs. We have the ability to blend any volume you may need, whether it's a full semi-load, a mini-bulk shuttle or as little as a 5 gallon bucket.

By combining the knowledge of our agronomy staff, the use of reliable testing labs, proper soil sampling protocols and leaf sampling, OVS can custom tailor a nutrition program to meet the specific requirements of your crop and soil. These tailored recommendations will meet the demands of each crop by balancing the elements in your soil, promoting healthy soil biology and, at the same time, optimizing your crop input dollars.  

Let OVS help you develop a nutrition program to meet your preferred delivery method and time.

Other available products and services available through our blending facility:

Liquid Lime/Gypsum Applications
  • Improves soil porosity and aeration
  • Feeds the soil biology
  • Allows for proper root growth
  • Improves tissue growth and strengthens the cell wall
  • Improves availability and uptake of other nutrients
  • Limestone is Microna Ag H20, 325 mesh particle size
  • Gypsum is Diamond K product with 92% passing 325 mesh  

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Dust Control    
  • Eliminates dust clouds on roads and driveways
  • Keeps crops and landscaping clean
  • Biodegradable and environmentally safe
  • Reduces road repairs by strengthening road
  • 1/2 gallon covers 1 square yard
  • Truck spray boom—8’, 11’, 14’

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