Weedmat - Agricultural Fabric & Shelter

  • Woven polypropylene (not polyethylene) with extra UV stabilizer to last years in direct sunlight
  • Imprinted lines every 12” for good plant alignment
  • 3/1 oz/sq. yard - 4oz/sq. yard weight

Shade Cloth (special order)
  • State-of-the-art woven stretch feature designed to withstand heavy hail loads
  • Decreased daytime temperatures & increased evening temperatures 
  • Better ventilation & water permeable

Wind Screen (special order)
  • Tough lockstitch knitted construction stands up to harsh weather conditions
  • Immediate crop protection
  • Easy installation

Hoop Houses (special order)
  • Custom orders only with manufacturer direct shipping
  • Raw pipe available for on-site construction
  • Pipe anchors and hardware
  • Shade cloth available in many colors
  • Nylon trucker’s rope in bulk spools