Credit Applications

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OVS Agronomic Deferred Payment Program
Prime + 2%, Currently at 6.25%

Offers growers the opportunity to purchase chemicals, fertilizers, liquid liming and dust control applications throughout the season, and defer the expense until December 2018.  No penalty for early payoff.  

  • Payment due in full December 2018
  • Financial flexibility throughout the growing season to purchase what you want, when you want it, without worrying about your current revenue stream.
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OVS Ag Supplies Equal 10 Payment Program
Fixed 5% APR for 10 Months on Trellis Supplies, MacroBins, Weed Fabric & Shade Cloth

Offers the flexibility of spreading costs out over 10 equal payments.  Low 5% APR on outstanding balance

OVS Service Equal 10 Payment Program
Don't let the expense of unexpected repairs catch you off-guard!  This program offers growers the opportunity to spread the cost of a repair bill out over 10 equal payments.

**Subject to John Deere Financial approval and merchant participation.  Minimum purchase may be required for each unique program; see fliers for details.  Programs and interest rates subject to change.  Ask an OVS Associate for complete details.**