Overstocked Inventory - Ag Supplies & Chemicals

On this page you will find opportunities to save money on overstocked inventory that is priced to move! Call 800-653-2216 to place an order and verify the overstocked item(s) you are interested in is/are still available.

  • Bird Gard Super Pro Wireless with #21 Chip


    1 Bird Gard Super Pro Wireless with #21 Chip

    1 Mounting Bracket

    1 AC adaptor

    1 Alligator Clip Battery Connector

    1 Wireless Speaker with Antenna and Cable

    PLUS 1 Extra Wireless Speaker!


    Transmits to unlimited wireless speakers within 1,000 feet

    Each speaker/receiver protects up to 6 Acres

    Sound chip easily replaced in the field

    Made in Sisters, Oregon

    $1,486.25 | $950.00
    Discount: $536.25

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  • Red Dragon Propane Queeze Valve

    • Squeeze Valve with Adjustable Pilot & Torch Handle Kit

    Add Squeeze Valve and Handle to any Red Dragon Vapor Torch Kit

    3 left in stock!

    $56.37 | $15.00
    Discount: $41.37

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  • Flag Tape Closeout!

    • Stripes or Dots Type
    • 50 cents per roll
    • Limited colors and quantities

    $1.85 | $0.50
    Discount: $1.35

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  • Orchard Thermometer

    • Safe, non-mercury thermometer. Range 10°F – 100°F in 1°F increments
    • Minimum registering thermometer shows lowest temperature reached
    • Black marker, glass tube with red solvent-based liquid will not freeze (mounted vertically, will not separate) 
    • Polished aluminum housing. 11¾" long

    $36.85 | $15.00
    Discount: $21.85

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  • Metarex Slug Bait


    Active Ingredient: metaldehyde

    50-pound bag

    $157.85 | $99.00
    Discount: $58.85

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