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OVS sells a full line of posts for trellis and fencing projects.  For farmers desiring organic certification in an orchard or a vineyard, steel is the best option.  The wood posts stocked by OVS do not meet organic standards, as they are treated with preservative (however, organic certification may be possible if applied for in future years; checking with your certifier is recommended).

Winegrape trellis systems will cost approximately $2,400 per acre for wood or $2,800 per acre for metal.  The diagram below shows some of the post options that might be used in a vertical shoot position trellis design.
It is not a design for a trellis system, nor is it to scale.

The wood posts stocked by OVS are manufactured by Princeton Wood Preservers. The steel posts sourced by OVS are American made.  As seen above, standard trellis line posts can either be T-Posts, Bent Edge posts or Double Diamond posts.  A metal end post option would be the Rib-back.

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Wood posts           Quality Does Matter! Click to see the difference

OVS carries the Princeton Wood Preserver pine posts. PWP posts undergo a special treatment process that extends the service life of wood. Some post manufacturers use brush coatings that provide superficial protection for one to three years, and there are dip treatments that give slightly more protection. However, at PWP, the posts are kiln dried to remove natural moisture prior to receiving a full-length pressure treatment using a water-borne wood preservative chemical formulation called Chromated Copper Arsenate. This provides the wood product with a useful life expectancy of about 30 years. 

OVS stocks standard 6’, 7’, 8’, 9’ and 10’ lengths in diameters of 3-4”, 4-5” and 5-6”. Other sizes are available with prior notice orders. PWP posts are available with either pointed or blunt ends. PWP posts are commonly used in grape and blueberry trellis systems (see diagrams).

Steel Posts

OVS stocks the Rib-back post as an end post option. This 9’ post has 3# of steel per foot. It is ideally suited for rocky or hardpan soil conditions. The 3/8” diameter holes run the entire rib length of the stake every 2”. Spades are available upon request for field installation.

OVS stocks three types of metal line posts.

Standard t-posts are available both painted and unpainted, in heavyweight (1.25# of steel per foot) and extra heavy weight (1.33# of steel per foot).

Notched line posts stocked by OVS include both the Double Diamond and the Bent Edge post. The Bent Edge post can handle a "snap-in" cross arm. These economical cross arms range in length from 6' to 12'. Standard stock includes non-galvanized, 8’, 13 gauge posts, although other lengths, gauges or galvanization are available upon special order.


Sample Grape Trellis Design, Vertical Shoot Position

In the Willamette Valley of Oregon, the most common winegrape trellis design is the vertical shoot position system.  However, OVS also sells supplies for other trellis systems: Scott Henry, the Open Lyre, or a cordon system. These systems can be seen in a book available at OVS: The Oregon Winegrape Growers Guide (call to order a copy).

Seen below is the OVS recommended option for vertical shoot position trellis system for wine grapes:


Sample Blueberry Trellis

An OVS recommended trellis system for a blueberry trellis is shown below. Research at Oregon State University has shown that blueberry trellising can reduce machine harvest losses by 3 to 8%. As growers push blueberries to produce longer canes of new wood, subsequent heavy fruit loads can bow these canes to the ground. Also, some blueberry varieties prefer to grow bushy rather than upright. Trellising squeezes the limbs into a more vertical habit, ensuring that the premium fruit produced on new wood gets harvested rather than dropped.  In many blueberry fields trellising can pay for itself in a year or two and provide service for the life of the planting.

Sample Table Grape Trellis

An open gable system is recommended for table grapes, which are cropped to hold a much heavier crop, up to 15 tons per acre (or more). This system uses six wires in the lyre to support the canes and the fruit. Posts are placed every 20 feet, and the gables can be mounted on wood or steel. The manufacturer recommends installation of one wood end post, about 5 in from the final end post to add stability and strength to the system. Please contact an OVS Ag Supplies associate with your questions.


     End Post Assembly

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